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Why should you get married in the Champagne region?


Tying the knot in the Champagne region of France isn't just about toasting with bubbles; it's an invitation to a wedding experience like no other.

Nestled 100 miles/160 km east of Paris, this enchanting region is famed for its sparkling white wine and, of course, its breathtaking beauty.


Imagine saying "I do" against the backdrop of one of many stunning chateaus that dot the landscape, providing the perfect fairytale setting for your special day.

While Champagne may be synonymous with sparkling wine, the region unveils a diverse charm beyond the bubbles. Vines carpet the plains and hillsides, creating a picturesque scenery, complemented by woodlands at the summit. Beyond the vineyards, Champagne unfolds as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting great lakes and natural parks. The wide-open spaces are an idyllic playground for walking, mountain biking and indulging in water sports, making it an ideal destination for couples who crave adventure.

Choosing the Champagne region for your wedding is not just a matter of celebration; it's a declaration of love surrounded by rolling hills, serene lakes, and historic charm. Whether you're a champagne aficionado or someone who savours the vineyard landscape, this region caters to diverse tastes, ensuring your wedding is as unique as your love story. In the heart of Champagne, your special day becomes a celebration not just of your union, but of the timeless romance and elegance that defines this remarkable French region.


Cheers to a wedding that sparkles with love and the magic of Champagne!

Hélène & Sara

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